Wind River Spoiler Free Review

 Wind River is available on digital October 31st and Blu-Ray and DVD on November 14th.

I know this review is a few months late, but I only recently saw the movie so shut up.

      Wind River is about the rape and murder of a young Native American woman on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming in the middle of winter. According to the writer/director Taylor Sheridan, the opening "inspired by true events" card was a reference to the "thousands of actual stories just like it" involving sexual assault of women on reservations, his primary motivation for writing the film. It is unfortunately true and little is done about it. It’s a terrible topic that rarely, if ever, is given any attention and definitely not the attention it deserves. It was nice to see Sheridan show this issue in a way that didn’t belittle or insult this ethnicity and culture.

      Wind River is Taylor Sheridan’s directorial debut, and it was a damn fine debut film. Sheridan is best known for writing Sicario and last year’s Hell or High Water (for which he was nominated for an Oscar). Since I loved both of those movies and their fantastic scripts I knew the script was going to be great. I had faith Sheridan would do a pretty good job directing, and he did even better than that. Sheridan further established himself as a great writer and showed that he can be a great director too. The story was strong with well executed tension, subtle hints and even the not so subtle hints for the big reveal were still well done, along with some solid shootouts and badass moments.

      I really loved the cast of this movie, especially Marvel costars Elizabeth Olsen (who continues to show she’s a great actress) and Jeremy Renner who really shines here. There’s also a strong supporting cast led by Graham Greene and also features another Marvel star, Jon Bernthal.

       One of my favorite things about the movie was the cinematography. Ben Richardson did a great, great job capturing the snowy, winter beauty of Wyoming and huge landscape of the reservation (which is an important part of the story). And during the enclosed scenes he makes you feel as if you are there with the cast.

       Definitely give Winder River a watch if you’re looking for a good murder mystery film, or just want to watch a good movie in general.