Let's talk about Iron Fist's Early Reviews

       Wow...so Iron Fist huh? Incase you haven't seen, Iron Fist is getting ripped apart by critics. It's currently at a 12% on Rotten Tomatoes with an average score of 4.45/10 as of the time I'm writing this. The critical consensus is "Despite some promising moments, Iron Fist is weighed down by an absence of momentum and originality." Wow. These are the lowest ratings of the entire MCU by far. The next lowest is Thor: The Dark World which has a 66% on RT with an average of 6.2/10. So yeah, seems like it's pretty damn bad which blows.

       Several reviews I've read have called the show boring. How the hell do you make a show about murder, mystical cities, evil societies, and a master martial artist with ancient powers boring??? You hire, Scott Buck, the guy that ruined Dexter to be showrunner that's how. The same guy that turned a serial into a lumberjack with the worst final season and series finale I have ever had the misfortune of watching. He turned it into pile of crap so big it would impress Jeff Goldblum more than the one in Jurassic Park. Oh, and they also hired him to be the showrunner for the highly anticipated Inhumans TV series. If Iron Fist really is as terrible as critics are saying I really hope Buck learns from his mistakes with it before he screws up Inhumans, but then again I had hoped for that when he went from Dexter to Iron Fist. I also hope that those in charge over at Marvel TV learn from this flop too. After all, it's their properties.

       It's important to note that critics usually only get the first 4-6 episodes to review prior to the premier so it's possible the back half of Iron Fist could do the opposite of Luke Cage and get stronger.  Either way I'm going to watch it with an open mind and set aside the reviews before binging it.

       Oh and to Finn Jones: Saying something was made for the fans and not the critics is just another way to say "Yeah we know it sucks but you'll still watch it." If your show or movie sucks, just admit it instead of denying the issue.