The Scoop with Zupe: Dragon Ball Super Review

Kamehame-hallelujah! Our wish has been granted and no, it was not by the eternal dragons Sheron or Porunga, but by the creators of an animated franchise that has generated one of the biggest cult followings in the world. We are talking of course about Dragon Ball, which has returned in a Super fashion.

Although it had its moments, Dragon Ball GT left fans with a feeling of disappointment. The plot lines were slow, even for Dragon Ball standards, and the new main villains, minus Omega Sheron, were for a lack of a better term, lame. If this was truly the end of the main story arch in the Dragon Ball franchise, it was rather lackluster and had fans craving more. We prayed to the Gods for something new and exciting, and conveniently enough, one of them answered those prayers.

Enter Lord Beerus the Destoyer, a deity of destruction and chaos, whose insatiable appetite for an opponent worthy of his godly power brings him to Earth to challenge our beloved Saiyan hero, Goku. If you have previously seen the two newest Dragon Ball films, "Battle of the Gods" and "Resurrection F", then you know that Beerus is a foe like no other, with power and strength that makes Goku, Vegeta, and the other Z-Fighters look like complete weaklings.

Dragon Ball Super features an element that has never been explored in the Dragon Ball universe before; divine power. This is the power that runs through Beerus and the same power that will run through Goku upon achieving his latest transformation into a "Super Saiyan God". Upon achieving this new form, which looks like an incredible new concept for a Super Saiyan, Goku duels with Lord Beerus in a battle of the ages. A battle that makes the fights with Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu look like mere child's play. The fate of the Earth was once again in the hands of it's lovable goofball of a protector.

Although the series follows the general plot line of the two aforementioned films, there were some minor changes to Dragon Ball Super to ensure that it would not be a carbon copy of the films, and more importantly, to do what Dragon Ball does best and drag the fights and sagas out for a multitude of episodes. Unlike GT however, Super's plot line is far from boring. 

One thing that will stand out to fans about Super is the animation quality, which looks much more clean and crisp in contrast to Dragon Ball Z and GT. Fans will also be happy of the continuity of the character's voices, with Sean Schemmel and Christopher Sabat once again returning to reprise their roles as Goku and Vegeta, respectively. Other characters are also voiced by their same respective actors, such as Piccolo, Hercule (aka Mr. Satan), Gohan, Krillin, King Kai, and many more.

One criticism however, is the show's music, which just does not have the same adrenaline inducing excitement of Bruce Faulconer's famous Dragon Ball Z scores. Other than the occasional slowness, which has always been common for the franchise dating back to the original Dragon Ball, there is not much criticism to be had with Super.

Fans will rejoice in seeing and hearing their favorite characters again, as well as meeting some exciting new characters too. Fans will enjoy Lord Beerus and his aloof attendant, Whis, who are quite the comedic duo and make the new series worth watching. The two of them, along with Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and the perverted antics of Master Roshi and Elder Kai, will help fans cope with the fact that Gohan has gone soft.

The best thing currently about Super is the nostalgia that it brings to the fans of this generational franchise. The amazing fight scenes, the occasional Goku vs. Vegeta banter, Piccolo being awesome, and the idea that yelling really loud will increase your power ten fold will have the original fans reliving their childhood all over again and have them glued to their televisions eager for more.  

You can catch new episodes of Dragon Ball Super on Adult Swim's Toonami on Saturdays at 8:00 PM and 11:30 PM EST. If you have yet to watch the series, or need to catch up on it, you can do so either On Demand or at Adult Swim's website.