Why isn't DC promoting Wonder Woman?

     Have you seen Wonder Woman trailers and TV spots all over the internet or when you're watching any of your favorite shows? No? Neither have I and the movie comes out in a month.

     I saw the main trailers when they were first released online, but they haven't been plastered everywhere like Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad were. Not even during the four DC shows on The CW (now three since Legends of Tomorrow finished its season a few weeks ago). Or even iZombie which is published under DC's Vertigo imprint. It wasn't until a few days ago that they released a new teaser briefly showing the villain Ares that they released something new and that was only after a lot of people, blogs, and other sources starting questioning them.

     They haven't explained why either. Is it because they don't have much faith in it? Is it because the rumors of a troubled production and that the movie is a huge mess are true? Or maybe they think that since she's not only the most popular female comic book character ever, but also one of the most popular comic book characters of all time, that she doesn't need much promotion? If that last one is the real reason that'd just be dumb even though she is both of those things. Batman and Superman are the two most popular heroes of all time and the Joker is probably the most popular villain of all time (or possibly second to Darth Vader) and DC promoted the life out of them for BvS and SS - even though Joker was hardly in it.

     Whatever the reason, it's both strange and a little worrying. DC should be promoting the hell out of Wonder Woman. They promoted BvS and Suicide Squad a massive amount, to the point that they were the most hyped up movies of last year. Wonder Woman deserves the same respect. DC needs this movie to be successful. They've had a bad run so far in the DCEU. Sure BvS and Suicide Squad made massive amounts of money, but they bombed critically and in fan reception. This caused historic second week box office drops with BvS underperforming in terms of the haul it should have gotten. Fans's faith for the DCEU has dropped massively. DC and Warners Bros. need Wonder Woman to bring those people back and to bring in new audience members in order to compete with the MCU.

     Oh and did I mention that Wonder Woman will be the first female led comic book movie in over a decade? And that even Marvel hasn't done it yet? So they have a leg up on the MCU in one aspect at least. But there's a lot riding on Wonder Woman because of it being the first of its kind. It is a really big deal because it's an opportunity to show that female led superhero movies can be successful, something that's been been doubted by many in the industry (especially after the bombs that were the Catwoman and Elektra movies). Plus it's rare for a female director to helm a big budget blockbuster unfortunately, especially in the comic book genre. Patty Jenkins is a great director who seems to have put her heart and soul into this movie.

     Millions of people, myself and my co-host Connor included, want Wonder Woman to be successful. Wonder Woman is such an excellent and beloved character that it would be extremely disappointing if DC and WB don't have faith in it and messed it up.

     What do you guys think if the lack of promotion for Wonder Woman? Are you excited or nervous for it? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook.

Wonder Woman is in theaters June 2nd.