Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II Review: (SPOILER FREE)

So Nice I'll Probably See it Twice

   I may even see this movie a third time! Who the hell knows?  I hope my heading of this blog was drawing enough to entice you to read my pronounced opinion of this film because IT WAS AMAZING PEOPLE! 

   I know it's not very easy for film makers to take a very good film and make a sequel to it that is equally good if not better.  Several films that have sequels have tried and have either failed miserably or have done well but their second film just never matches up to par of the first one.  Even in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, film makers and their movies have been subjected to this undeniable obstacle.  Look at Iron Man 2 & 3 and Thor 2 for an example, not bad films but just not as great as the first one.  This is not an easy task for anyone in the film industry plus I can only imagine the expectation that you must have to fulfill once you but out such a banger of a first film.  However, there are some select film makers out there in Hollywood land that have figured out the right formula and have managed to put out successful sequels that are just as good as their first movie if not better. Congratulations James Gunn! I think it's safe to say you have rightfully earned a spot on that list.

    Now I may be biased because Guardians of the Galaxy is probably in the top three of my favorite Marvel films, but it goes without saying that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II is one of the better superhero sequel films that have been made within the last few years.  This sequel written and directed by film maker James Gunn is a very entertaining and humorous story that I think met the expectations of all the fans and viewers of the MCU.  The film welcomes back the all-star packed cast  of Chris Pratt (Peter Quill/Starlord), Zoe Saldana (Gamora), Dave Bautista (Drax), Bradley Cooper (Rocket), and Vin Diesel (Baby Groot).  These actors lived up to the expectations as well and captured the essence of each character once again and made this movie super enjoyable to watch. I was also very impressed with the acting of Michael Rooker (Yondu) who saw a lot more screen time in this movie and stepped up to play a good role. I purposely did not see any trailers to this upcoming movie, because I wanted to be surprised with everything that I saw.  I was stoked to see many big name actors that happened to be a part of this movie and it made the movie that much better for me personally (I won't reveal any names but like these guys are a pretty big deal) What was most relevant were the hysterical jokes that were so appropriate for each scene and not super cliche and cheesy like most would expect, but it made for a great film watching experience.  I was laughing the entire time.

    What drew me in from start to finish was the incredibly dope soundtrack that went along with the film.  Now, I was expecting a pretty decent soundtrack due to the fact that it is a known detail to Pratt's character Peter Quill and a minor point to the plot of the movie.  I am pleased that the expectation was met with the intricate song selection for the film.  The wide variety of classics from rock and roll to smooth R&B was prominent in every scene and it was perfect  in every way as it tied in so well to fit the emotions in the movie and project the right mood of the audience.  

     The only flaw I saw in this movie compared to the first one is that the overall plot/story lacked just a teensy weensy bit for me.  Don't get me wrong though the story was still AWESOME it's just that preferably I liked the story in the first one a little more.  However, I think overall as a movie it met every expectation that the audience was hoping for. This was a perfect segway movie to link up to the next Guardians of the Galaxy film, which is good for the fan base.  You know how there's that stereotypical scenario of families that have a middle child of three who either feels neglected or doesn't live up to their families standards?  Well Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II doesn't fall into that stereotype and there was absolutely no neglect or half-assing making this film without doubt.  There was a whole lot of love and thought put into this film by creator James Gunn who should be proud of his middle child Guardians Vol. II.

    Well that was my awful attempt of an analogy (sorry but not sorry)  GO SEE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. II PEOPLE!!!!!  HELL GO SEE IT TWO OR THREE TIMES BECAUSE ITS THAT GOOD AND ALSO GOOD.