E3 2017: Hits and Misses from Each Conference

E3 2017 has come and gone. If you haven't yet, listen to Connor and Pat's pre-E3 episode to see how many of their wishes and predictions came true. But now that it is over, I'm here to recap what we saw and go over which announcements hit and missed with the crowd, and me specifically.

The conference kicked off on Saturday, June 10 with EA. We then got Xbox and Bethesda on Sunday, Ubisoft and Sony on Monday and Nintendo's short conference on Tuesday. There were a lot of great games and added content revealed over the last four days with release dates ranging from August until the fall of 2018.

Without further ado, let's get down to business. Here are the hits and misses from each E3 conference.

I won't talk about Bethesda in depth. Their conference was short and didn't have many major announcements. There are a couple of VR titles, Wolfenstein 2 and The Evil Within 2. Skyrim is also coming to Switch. Bethesda didn't have much gameplay for their games but the conference was just 38 minutes long.


Hits: Madden NFL 18 gets a story mode. Taking a page out of NBA 2K and MLB The Show, Madden finally gets a full character development mode. You create a player, get recruited by a college team, improve your draft stock and make it to the NFL all while dealing the troubles of being a high-profile athlete. I've stopped buying sports games each year (it saves me a lot of money) but the story mode has me interested.

Another hit is Star Wars Battlefront II. I never played a Battlefront game, but after hearing the complaints from the first one, I'm happy that EA listened and improved the second installment. It looks really good.

Misses: NBA Live 18. Just stop. 2K has the basketball game on lock. EA needs to learn from its mistakes, look at its sales numbers and realize there is no room for this game on the market. NBA 2K is the only basketball game to own. Even when they showed some gameplay and the mechanics, it looked bad. The game won't be out for another couple of months, but this isn't a good start.


Hits: Following in Sony's footsteps from last E3, Xbox came out firing. After talking about the "Project Scorpio," which we later found out was named Xbox One X, they went right into the games. They announced they had over 40 games to reveal and 22 were exclusives. This is smart. Those in attendance don't care to hear about the technical aspects of a console. They want games, games, and more games. That's what sells consoles, anyway.

Included with the games, they revealed Crackdown 3 and Cuphead with release dates, two heavily rumored games. This is something that Sony didn't do in their conference. Xbox put a date on a lot of their games.

Misses: Xbox One X’s price. Coming in at $499.99, the newest console in the Xbox family was given a release date and price during E3. They didn't announce a price drop for the Xbox One or One S. For those gamers looking for the high-end console with the most processing power, they were in regardless. However, casual gamers will be left out of the hype, similar to the PS4 Pro.

Another miss was Minecraft. I understand the impact this game has had in the gaming community. Everyone from all ages plays this game. The miss here is the emphasis on the 4K. The game is just blocks. How much better can they look? This was the wrong game to brag about UHD with.


Hits: Ubi kept the Just Dance 2018 reveal short. Something that has been a staple in Ubisoft conferences is a long, boring reveal for the next Just Dance game. Luckily, they finally knew who their audience at E3 is and kept this concise.

Also, the Far Cry 5 trailer was great. We knew about the game before E3, but seeing an in-depth trailer was nice. We saw a lot of the environment and the story background. I never finished Far Cry 4 but this game looks great.

Ubisoft killed it this conference. We got a lengthy South Park: The Fractured But Whole trailer with some gameplay. The game is scheduled to release on October 17. FINALLY. Something I wasn't expecting was a second South Park game. They announced a mobile game called South Park: Phone Destroyer. It has similar gameplay to the console games but uses cards to build a team and will also be released on October 17.

Misses: To everyone's surprise, we got a lengthy cinematic trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2. I've never played the first one but this game has been rumored for years. This won't be out anytime soon. So, I think Ubi was a bit premature with this announcement.

A second miss was the Mario and Rabbids game. I appreciate Nintendo allowing a big developer to work with Mario. This is something I've been waiting for. I think Nintendo will be done with consoles soon and just focus on games. Anyway, this game trailer did not work for E3. It was slow and repetitive. There was this Roomba thing that Mario and the Rabbids followed. The RTS aspect slowed the gameplay down and there was the typical Nintendo cheesiness on stage.


Hits: Spider-Man. Sony ended the conference with a looooong trailer for the new Spider-Man game. We saw cinematic scenes and gameplay (which looked a lot like the Arkham series). A free-roam Spider-Man game is going to be sick. The negative is that it won't be out until 2018. Why show something like that if it's over six months away?

Sony also showed a long gameplay trailer for Detroit: Become Human. We saw this game last year and it got a lot of people excited. While no release date, this extended trailer got people more hyped up for what this game can be. It's another new IP from Sony. The different paths you can take and the game itself is new and different and something to look forward to.

Misses: The stream. I was watching Sony's E3 conference on a couple of different channels. Their official stream kept buffering. The third-party streams were about 30 seconds behind. It was quite frustrating.

A bigger miss is the lack of release dates for their games. Unlike Xbox, Sony didn't announce any release dates or even release windows for their major exclusives. We saw long gameplay trailers for Detroit: Become Human and the new God of War games but at the end, we did not even get a release year, which is disappointing.


Hits: Nintendo, like Bethesda and EA, kept their conference short. They didn't talk about any Switch hardware or accessories. They focused on the immediate future and their games lineup for 2017.

New Games. Nintendo announced Metroid Prime 4, a Kirby game, a standalone Pokemon RPG game, and a new Yoshi game. This proves that Nintendo is all-in with the Switch and pulling all the stops and making sure the Switch is supported for years.

Rocket League comes to Switch. I've had this game on my PS4 since it was a PS Plus free game. It's one of the best games ever. Now, having the ability to play this game on the go or at home on the Switch, and with cross compatibility, this is a big win for Nintendo.

Misses: Extended Super Mario Odyssey gameplay. Yes, I did praise the extended videos for Spider-Man, Detroit, and others. However, I think this video was a little long. We did see how vast this new Mario world is, but the game itself looked 'meh.' You can wall climb, use Mario's apparently-alive hat to take over some object, and a bunch of other things.

The negative is that the gameplay looked repetitive. I haven't played a Mario game in a while but this didn't do anything to get me to buy a Switch. We didn't get Super Smash, something that Nintendo fans have been waiting for, considering not many people had a Wii U.

Unfortunately, we entered this E3 knowing a lot of the games that were going to appear on the big screen. This left us with little to be surprised about, which is probably why I'm feeling just okay about the conferences. There isn't anything for me to be overly excited about this year. A lot of the bigger titles aren't coming out until 2018 and even then, those games can be delayed.

What games are you excited for? Which ones did you shrug your shoulders at? Let me know what you thought of the conferences in the comments.