Wonder Woman Spoiler FREE Review


     This review of Wonder Woman is going to be completely spoiler free. For a spoiler review, stay tuned for the episode to come out tomorrow. 

     It’s finally here, the Wonder Woman solo movie. The first major summer female super hero movie, and the first one directed by a woman. That alone is a great accomplishment already before the critic and fan reactions and the box office numbers.

     So you’re probably wondering if you should see this movie right? I know the DCEU has been a mess including Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad being shit shows so you either have very little or no faith in DC making this movie good.

     Well guess what, Wonder Woman is pretty damn good. I know! I couldn’t believe it either but it really is and I’m very happy that it is. I was nervous for the movie mainly because of the previous two installments mentioned above, DC’s lack of promotion for it, and all the news saying the movie was a huge mess. But then I saw the positive early social media reviews and then the positive critic reviews (which don’t make or break a movie for me and shouldn’t for you honestly) and gained some hope for it. It felt weird to be excited and hopeful for a DC movie again, but I liked it.

     Now onto the movie. The cast was great, especially Gal Gadot As Diana Prince/Wonder Woman and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. They both really impressed me. I knew Chris Pine was a good actor going into the film but haven’t seen much of Gadot prior to this movie outside of her small role in BvS (which I thought she was solid in). I think they were both perfectly cast to be honest. Gal Gadot perfectly captured the positivity, strength, desire to help, and naivety of Diana. Pine was perfect as Steve Trevor (even though I still really wish he was Hal Jordan). He excellently embodied bravery, nervousness, riskiness, and he humor of Steve Trevor. Gadot and Pine had really great chemistry together and the scenes in which they mainly interacted with just one another were some of my favorites in the movie. Danny Huston was also really great as the villainous General Erich Ludendorff.

     The production side for the film also deserves praise in all aspects. The locations and sets were excellent especially Themyscira and the World War I battlefields. The period era costumes were excellently done and really added to the setting. The special effects and fight choreography were fantastic (especially in two major scenes which I don’t want to spoil). The cinematography was great and shooting the movie on film really added to the look and feel of the WWI era. Oh and this movie was pretty damn funny! Good humor in a DCEU movie, who would have thought right?

     And of course I have to give huge praise to the director, Patty Jenkins. She did a phenomenal job in building and shaping this movie. She faced a lot of pressure for this movie and delivered in a big way. She also took a really ballsy move in the final act that I commend her for. She made the first genuinely good film in the DCEU and more importantly the first good female super hero movie ever. Thankfully she’s already signed on for Wonder Woman 2 and has many ideas.

     I did have a few issues with the movie mainly the pacing in some parts of the movie. I think the beginning went too fast and parts of the final act went too slow, there was an obvious red herring but it was still good, and I had an issue with a certain design that I can’t mention without spoiling a major part of the movie.

     Overall I’d give the movie an 8.5/10 and definitely recommend you check it out. Don’t forget to listen to the spoiler review episode of the podcast after you see the movie!