Today is the first day of October (duh) and since it’s the Halloween season we here at Awesome Sunday Show will be doing a Halloween/horror movie every day until Halloween to give you something to watch each day. We’re going to be doing short write ups about why we liked the movie and let you know if it’s currently on a streaming platform or available to rent elsewhere.

The movie we’re going to kick off with is not a horror movie, but definitely fits the Halloween spirit. Beetlejuice is my favorite non-Batman Tim Burton movie and easily one of the best of his career. The movie has a solid cast but the real stars are Winona Ryder (who had another surprise hit the same year with “Heathers”) and of course Beetlejuice and Batman himself, Michael Keaton. Ryder did a great job as the quirky, weird goth girl that remains one of her most popular roles thirty years later. Michael Keaton was absolutely fantastic and stole every scene he was in. This is one of Keaton’s all time top 3 career performances as he truly embraced the insanity of Beetlejuice and turned it up to 11. The movie also has a great story, musical scenes, hilarious gags, and awesome special effects.

If you want to kick off your Halloween season with a laugh, this is the way to go.

Beetlejuice currently is available to rent or own digitally on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.