Rear Window

Horror and thriller films don’t always have to be related to the supernatural or science fiction. Sometimes a story based in reality is perfect enough. Rear Window is a movie that (while highly unlikely) can actually happen in real life. Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense, crafted a perfectly paced, acted, and thought provoking thriller that takes murder seriously. While the location never changes, the plot and characters carry what would normally be a one note film into a nail-biting masterpiece.

James Stewart plays a successful magazine photographer, who broke his leg during his last job at a race track. Lisa Fremont is a New York City socialite (Grace Kelly) who is deeply in love with James Stewarts character L.B. Jefferies. These two characters have amazing chemistry while also being at odds because of who they are in life. The insurance company nurse Stella (Thelma Ritter) takes care of L.B. while he recovers.

L.B. has binoculars and camera lenses that can help him see far distances, so looking out his rear window helps pass the time during his confinement. That is when he suspects one of his neighbors (Raymond Burr) to be a murderer. It takes him time to convince the other people in his life of what he suspects, while on top of that more clues seem to come up.

That is where I have to stop. If I explain anymore I’d potentially be spoiling something for you. I can’t recommend this movie enough. It has amazing cinematography, engrossing performances, and film that takes itself seriously to its advantage. If you’re looking for a movie with serious tension and edge of your seat anxiety, look no further than Rear Window.

Rear Window is available for Shudder and VRV subscribers, otherwise it is available to rent from Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, and more!

Connor Hesnan

Connor Hesnan