The Monster Squad

Most movies that present a question to the audience often ask something deep. Whether it be if the existence of something spiritual is legitimate, or baseing the question on a moral conundrum. The Monster Squad asks the most important question of all, does the Wolfman have nards? What’d you expect when the movie stars children in situations with classic horror creatures from Universal’s heyday.

The film pays such loving tribute to the original Universal Monsters as well as having its own identity. We follow a group of kids with their own club about horror movies, comics, and more. They are located at a backyard treehouse with a no girls allowed sign, guess what the club is called? The characters all have different and interesting personalities, despite being stereotypes of the 1980’s, which brings a certain charm though.

The monsters we see on screen during the movie are Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Wolfman, The Mummy, and The Creature. Some unfortunately do shine on screen more than others, but that doesn’t make it less awesome that the gang’s all there for the monster mash! Where the film deserves a lot of credit is in the special effects that are displayed. While it doesn’t have the best werewolf transformation scene ever, it’s far from being bad. I’d even go as far as say the overall design and performance with the makeup is the scariest part in the film. There’s one scene where one of the monsters literally explodes, its a highlight that i have to point out.

Despite some flaws here and there with the story and overall execution, The Monster Squad is packed with a lovable cast of kids, some good scares, awesome special effects, and well paced story. I highly recommend this movie for watching by yourself or with the family on Halloween night. This cult classic is something you don’t want to miss.

The Monster Squad is available to rent for VOD, iTunes, Google Play, Youtube, and Prime Video.

Connor Hesnan

Connor Hesnan