Love Season 3 Review

   When Netflix announced the upcoming season 3 of Love was going to be the final season, I was a bit disappointed. It was yet another show that was just getting the ball rolling before getting cut short. I felt the same way with HBO's 'The Newsroom.'

   If you haven't seen Season 3 or any of the episodes, stop reading. There will be a lot of spoilers for the final season.

   The season starts with Mickie (Gillian Jacobs) and Gus (Paul Rust) a couple of months into their relationship. They are home watching a movie when Bertie and Randy interrupt and make things a bit uncomfortable.

   Mickie and Gus were talking about taking a weekend trip to Palm Springs when Randy thought he was helping when he brought up his cousin, who owns a house in Palm Springs. But, in typical Randy fashion, he overexaggerates and brings everyone to a rundown house in a crappy neighborhood.

   Mickie and Gus do their best to make the most of it. However, the group gets into one big fight on the final day. This is where the feelings that the characters were holding back make their way to the surface.

   Bertie freaks out on Randy for smothering her and always being at her and Mickie's place. Mickie then unloads her opinion on the weekend trip. Bertie then sticks up for Randy in a weird way. Bertie then yells at Mickie because the situation isn't about Mickie anymore. Gus, as nice as he tries to be, gets attacked by both Bertie and Randy. Bertie does have a good rant at Gus' lack of ability to ejaculate.

   This was a great scene and it's only episode one. I do appreciate the addition of TLC's "No Scrubs" after the foursome went their separate ways. At the end of the episode, in the car, you can see where the two relationships were heading. Mickie/Gus were on the upswing while Bertie and Randy were reaching a breaking point.

   The first half of the season was great. I felt the second half was trying to squeeze a lot out of the characters and move their stories along too quickly. Granted, it was the final season but it felt like they fit two seasons worth of character development into eight episodes.

   The first few episodes of the season focus on Mickie and Gus' relationship and their work lives. Mickie, a program producer at a radio station, and Gus, an on-set teacher for the kid actors of the show 'Witchita.' Nothing too crazy happens.

   The fourth episode of the season is a turning point for the two. Mickie is sick. Gus is with friends taking a tour of the famous horror movie houses. He leaves his friends to take care of his girlfriend. As a result, Gus gets sick. The two have a fight because Gus gets mad at Mickie for not being careful or responsible about taking care of herself. They end up resolving it at the end but it was a real-life situation that was portrayed very well.

   This season focused more time than I remember in the previous two seasons on the secondary characters. Bertie develops a lot in this season. She starts to feel distant from Randy and is looking for something new and exciting. She visits The Smokehouse where Gus' friend Chris works. They hang out afterward and eventually hook up and have an affair. They get close to getting caught a couple of times but she's able to explain her way out of it to Randy.

   Chris becomes more of a regular in the show as the season progresses. The character is a goofball, but not in a demeaning way. He likes to have fun and is a down-to-earth guy. As a friend to Randy, he even suggests they stop hooking up until Bertie breaks it off with Randy. What a friend.

   Randy, on the other hand, continues to be irresponsible. Bertie catches him sleeping in his car just outside of her house. He eventually gets a job as an extra on the set of 'Witchita' but has a hard time remembering where to go after his lunch break. At least to me, he becomes unbearable during the season. Besides his mean-well attitude, there's nothing redeeming about him.

   Dr. Greg has a fall from grace in this season. Once the lead radio house at the station, he is now looking for any way possible to get his listeners back. He released a book and did a book reading but no one attended. He asked Mickie to join Stella's show for a guy-girl debate in dating but he has a breakdown and is suspended for sexual harassment, which ends up being the last time we see him.

   Back to the season recap, the two main characters attend a wedding in episode seven. Gus runs into an ex, Sarah, and Mickie finds out some information that Gus never told her, that Gus proposed to her. Sarah becomes very drunk and Gus volunteers to take Sarah back to her hotel. Mickey accuses him of still having feelings for Sarah but he does it anyway because he's a nice guy.

   After another fight, Gus invites Mickie on his trip back home to South Dakota. Things are going well. Mickie meets Gus' parents and they are getting along, much to the chagrin of Gus. During a conversation, Gus blurts out that he isn't ready to have kids. It turns out that he doesn't trust her with her struggles with sobriety, prompting another fight between the two.

   Things continue into the next episode as Mickie plans on going back to LA and ending things. As Gus was going to explain why Mickie had to go, he tells everyone about his life secrets and mistakes. The two reconcile and begin to plan their future.

   The final episode of the season takes place in Catalina where Mickie and Gus plan an impromptu wedding. Most of the secondary cast appear in the final episode. Even after some not-so-good signs, the two decide to go through with it. As the ceremony starts, a beachgoer suffers a heart attack, putting a stop to the wedding. They then decide to call it off for now. As everyone is drinking and having fun, the two sneak off and complete the ceremony, ending the season.

   I think we could have gotten a few more episodes between the family visit and the finale. Mickie was quick to forgive Gus, even though Gus does the same for Mickie. They patch things up and look toward the future. It felt like a big jump going from the fight/forgiveness to the wedding within two episodes.

   The wedding felt like a cheap way to end the season. Are we suppose to believe they live happily ever after or do things go sour again? There were a lot of loose ends that weren't tied up. Maybe that's the way they wanted it but it left me wanting another season to follow up with. The same feeling I had with 'The Newsroom.'

   Overall, this season and series, in general, was well written and was a good portrayal of real life, both at work and in relationships. Gus and Mickie have the biggest change in their characters. Bertie grows a backbone and stands up for herself and what she wants. Dr. Greg's frustrations continue to build until he explodes. Randy tries, bless his heart, but he continues to let everyone down.

  I recommend watching this series. It 34 total episodes that will leave you wanting more. It's a quick and entertaining watch.