Pitch Perfect 3 Review

Pitch Perfect 3 is now available on digital, DVD, and Blu-Ray March 20th

     What an disa-acca-ppointment. Sorry, couldn’t resist. What I can resist though is seeing Pitch Perfect 3 again. Prior to seeing this movie I wasn’t planning on writing a review for it, but after what I sat through I felt compelled to do so. Coming off two solid movies (with the first one being the best), the franchise really shit the bed in its final outing. Plenty of shows and movies have jumped the shark, but none jumped all the sharks in the ocean like Pitch Perfect 3 did.

     You know your movie is bad when DJ Khaled is one the best parts of it. 

     I should say that it’s not all terrible. The main story of the movie, the Bellas joining the USO tour, is actually a fine idea. It’s the b-story action movie that’s thrown that is horrible. Yes seriously, there is a b-plot action movie (complete with kidnapping, Fat Amy acting like a ninja, and an exploding yacht) in a movie series about a female acapella group for some stupid reason. 

     I don’t know what led the writer, producers, and director to think that’s what the Pitch Perfect series needed, but whatever it was they were very wrong. In fact, that random action movie plot is the biggest complaint against the movie by critics and fans. It has other problems too, but that was the biggest offender.

Here’s a rundown of the other problems the movie had and things that just bothered me:

  • pacing
  • a ton of unfunny jokes
  • over exposition (even one of the main characters made a joke about it)
  • the lip-synching was off in multiple shots.  
  • Ruby Rose’s band makes fun of the Bellas for being a “cover band” but her and the other two acts do covers during the movie as well. 
  • For some reason made Stacey (Alexis Knapp) pregnant and kept her off the tour. Of course she doesn’t know who the father is because she’s the whore of the group incase you haven’t gotten that joke by the third movie yet. 
  • Disappointed Jesse, Benji, Bumper weren’t in it but I get why they were kept out (writer wanted to focus on the girls). 
  • No mashups in the Bellas’ performances for which they’ve become known for
  • Random lens flares
  • stunt doubles are super obvious and distracting 
  • wtf was that disaster scene in Khaled’s penthouse?

There were some good things about the movie though. 

  • Bechloe moment for the shippers
  • the cast did a good job with their material
  • John Lithgow even though his storyline sucked. But it’s John Lithgow so he’s good in everything. 
  • DJ Khaled
  • The songs sung by each group
  • The finale, especially since the cast said they were actually crying during it as it was the last thing filmed of the series
  • The “Downfall of the Bellas” documentary Elizabeth Banks and Christopher Michael Higgins’ characters were making

Yeah, so the movie was a major disappointment and just mostly bad in general. Overall I’d probably give it a 4.5/10. 

If you saw the movie let me know what you thought.